welcome, visitor

who are you?

hello! my name is jon vanalten. i write code, most recently for managing cloud infrastructure, but i am wary of using the term devops. i often use the alias 'jva' online, and currently can be found on the yegsec and devedmonton slack workspaces. my first name at this domain is my email address. outside of working hours i play sax and try to get away from the city on the regular, and have a weak spot for board games.

why is this here?

this is just my personal web site.

what can i do here?

you're already doing it.

it is possible that you are someone who i have given access to some private code repository. if so, you are probably looking to log in here.

why do you only use the left side of the page?

i am one of those glass half full kind of people. obligatory rim shot.

if you're such a great programmer, why don't you dress up this page a bit?

i was always more of a back end dev type, and as i drift deeper and deeper into ops heavy roles this is unlikely to change. this is no web design portfolio. the types of problems that my coworkers who do design and implement web UI have never been interesting to me, and i am a big believer in focusing on the shit that matters.

knowing how to make web look great just doesn't matter enough, for me.

don't you know uber-plain web styles died in the 90's?

honestly, i miss the 90's. the music was great, google was just a search engine, phones were for talking to people. le sigh.

why no capitals?

no comment.